Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I agree with Keith Olbermann?!?! Anyone hear...did Hell freeze over?

Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but here it goes: "You are right Keith! Preach on, brother!"

Keith Olbermann was commenting on the alleged "harassment" of Azteca "reporter", Ines Sainz, when she was in the New York Jets locker room Monday.

Olbermann said, "She undermines every hard working woman sports reporter who knows the game."

I could not agree more. Ines Sainz is nothing more than a piece of eye candy for Azteca and everyone knows it - including her.

Listen, as I woman, I know what reaction I'm trying to elicit or what impression I'm trying to create when I put myself together every day. There are certainly different "themes": job interview, baby shower, beach day, date night....girls night out. Each theme has a different make-up application. Some call for stilletos and thigh-highs, others call for a ball cap and sneakers.

I'd be willing to bet Ms. Sainz has pondered over these kinds of choices, as all women do.

So, you tell me: what reaction...response...impression....was she trying to create when she made the choice to wear this?

As I heard one woman say on a call-in sports show this morning, "She dressed to get attention and attention is what she got!" Exactly.

Ms. Sainz made a choice when she painted those jeans on - and choices have consequences.

Would any reasonable, rational person - even a reasonable, rational feminist - expect a locker room full of intense and competitive men, coming down from an adrenalized testosterone high, to "mind their manners"?

I think it is a shame that the Jets players chose to react the way they did to this calculated choice by Ms. Sainz (and her producers) to show up for "work" dressed this way. The players could have made a choice to treat her like any pudgy, middle-aged male reporter in the locker room.

Which brings up another good point by Olbermann: "Ultimately, what the hell are reporters doing in locker rooms anyway?"

What upsets me the most about this? I had to agree with Keith Olbermann. Damn.


  1. This woman drives me nuts! I could not agree more with what Olbermann said, "She undermines every hard working woman sports reporter who knows the game." But I am going to take this one step further. She undermines everything that I have been working for!

    When I started working in professional sports 8 years ago, as a female I was a minority. It was a "good ol' boys club." Men promoted men. Powerful women with teams were a rarity. Women have come a very long way and it infuriates me that Sainz is claiming harassment.

    She is a joke. Her lack of professionalism sickens me! You know what, if a guy is catcalling me in the locker room, I'm going to stand up for myself and call out his lack of professionalism. But then again, I wouldn't be wearing skin tight jeans in a locker room full of naked, amped-up, testosterone laden men. Now, if she was a professional and dressed as such, like I said, she should have said something. If you are being catcalled, try turning around and saying, "your lack of professionalism makes me feel uncomfortable." Say it a few times. But seriously she should have taken into consideration where she was. She's in the lion's den. Come on!

    However, the incident leads to a greater topic: if equality is something that the league strives for with media coverage, perhaps they should reconsider the appropriateness of locker room interviews. Just saying. :)

  2. Every other female reporter dresses fine and here is this lady, jeans that looked like they were painted on and shirts that are showing all kinds of cleavage, no wonder folks don't take her serious.

  3. Can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Common sense boys and girls it comes down to common sense. You know it I know it the American people know it, for every action there is an equal or greater reaction. You can't wear jeans like that and not expect to get whistled at by the construction workers. Just the way it is.

  4. I am as women's lib as the next person.... I think women should be able to do high profile interviews with prominent people just as men do. And while I wouldn't have chosen to wear what Ms. Sainz chose to interview a well known, high profile QB, I think Ms. Sainz cultural differences had a role to play.

    I grew up in predominantly hispanic neighborhoods and our family was always the minority of the block. Naturally then my friends and best friends were Hispanic. Let me tell you, when Latina's get "dreesed up" it's all about the shoes, the bling, the cleavage and the hair! It's historic in their culture. Ms. Sainz, no doubt, felt as though she was dressed up for the interview and looked good for her Latino audience. She is probably a very confident woman.

    I feel like the comments and activities from the Jets locker room are a result of #1 cultural differences - she most likely felt she was dressed appropriately and possibly even conservatively considering her Latina culture - crossing into a culture that may deem otherwise she may have been caught off guard #2 These guys play HARD!! They are away from home alot when they play ball and they are tired, stinky and ready to rest!! When a beautiful girl walks in, she is a vision, a breath of fresh air - no matter what she's wearing. Men get silly!!! If she had been wearing a turtle neck shirt, a jacket and slacks she would have probably had similar reaction/ comments... just because she is a "she". Doesn't matter if men are in a committed marriage or relationship, they are still men, they still look and by that time of the day, after all they endured that day... you bet there are bound to be comments. That's what men do. Have a woman walk through a construction site late in the day when those guys are chillin' and you'll hear the whistles and comments too. Going into that job, Ms. Sainz should have been prepared for that.

    I am by no means condoning the behavior of the Jets locker room. And at the same time, I am not rebuking Ms. Sainz for her attire. Did she plan to dress a little provocatively? Who knows! Was it a culture clash? Could be! I would just strongly caution her to know her arena. Look at who is around you... who will you be rubbing elbows with today? Look at your affiliates and other female professionals in her line of work and take note of their attire. You would never see Andrea Kremer wearing those outfits. Dress the part you are "playing". If you are a professional news anchor, dress like it. Be an outstanding interviewer and you will be noticed AND you will still be beautiful.

    Additionally, the locker room should be "the locker room". It is sanctuary for those who enter. Interviews should not be conducted from that room. Those guys should be able to walk around in their under armour if they want to after a game & shower so they can get out of there and go home to their families. Interview staging areas should be created such that each of the players walk through as they head out. The "Money" interviews should be conducted on the field before the locker room or in Interview staging areas as well. As far as I am concerned, the locker room should be off limits and considered a sanctuary and safe place for these guys to blow off steam and have their moments of inapropriateness, if you will, before they have to face the tyrants called the public.

    NFL, where were you when locker room interviews were created and allowed?? You should be ashamed of yourself for letting it get this far. This is on you NFL, not the Jets.

  5. I agree with Olbermann too...I'm not going to write anything else because all of my comments are snarky and chastising so I'll just leave well enuf alone...