Monday, October 4, 2010

Maybe female fans need a uniform code...

During a game, if an NFL player's socks are not pulled up to the "mid-point of the lower leg", touching the bottom of his pants, he gets fined $5,000. An un-tucked Jersey will cost him up to $10,000. During the playoffs a uniform violation can set a fella back $75,000.

So, if your sitting next to this guy during the game, should he pay a fine?
I have to say, I would love to share season tickets in the same section as this guy versus the wanna-be-gold-diggers at the stadium - "kickin' them daisy's", their thongs showing whenever they sit down or raise their arms.

Watching them teeter through the crowded concourse on stilettos leaves me embarrassed - for them. I refuse to post pictures and give them the attention their daddy never did.

I consider myself a huge fan, and I make it to every home game to see my team play. I have jerseys and girly gear of all kinds sporting my allegiance. I'm there to experience the awesome energy of live NFL action and cheer for my favorite players. I'm not interested in playing the role of "eye candy" to a rowdy crowd of inebriated men with testosterone levels in the danger zone.

So, I'll see you at the game - in my Chuck Taylor's and my Adrian Wilson jersey.


  1. I don't think it's too harsh. It's so true, and if you go to a high school football game you'll see their daughters dressed in the same fashion. It's time for women to have a little self-respect and stop dressing like they are advertising--especially in places like football games where it's just not appropriate. Go Heather!

  2. I'm the same way girl! I wear my jersey and scream with the rest of them to create the 12th man! Even though I'm female, I like to wear those colors and be part of the team and the spirit of the game...not toss my hair and try to get my man's attention. LOL!