Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lock-out OR Conspiracy? You be the judge...

In 4 more weeks, the NFL regular season is over and we are headed into the playoffs. Can you believe it? The post-season will be here as quick as Santa! 
And just think, we almost didn’t have any football this year….remember?
No? Yeah, me neither.
Seems like an absurd, distant headline, doesn’t it?
From back in July: “I know it’s early to say this but the NFL is on the verge of not having a season. Any NFL fan sees this as a tragedy and if they are as pessimistic about the situation as I am they are either 1) coming to terms with the possibility of there not being a season and experiencing the most boring fall/winter ever or 2) cursing the players and the owners for wanting more money.”
Well, the lock-out lasted a whopping 135 days - messed up mini-camps, some OTAs…and… so what?
For all the gloom and doom predictions, this 2011 season has been just as thrilling and loaded with parity as any I’ve ever seen!
And, ironically, it seems to me that the “uh-oh-lock-out” headlines did nothing but draw even more attention to the NFL in the off-season – way more attention than a “business-as-usual” off-season ever could have.
Hey, wait….do I smell a conspiracy? Ok, I won’t go there. Just not that kind of blog.
Happy Holidays, everyone! Pass the pizza and bring on the playoffs!